Welcome to Earth's Energy

Hi!!  Welcome to my shop!! Where each piece is hand picked by me, with great research and care. Each crystal and mineral in my shop is a piece I myself would want. Unique, stunning, and powerful!

Earth’s Energy stems from my love for crystal’s. Their beauty, their energy and most importantly their metaphysical properties.

My tag line says it all, “Offering Beautiful Crystal’s with Vibrating Energy from Around the World”. Crystals are my main product; I also offer homemade botanical and herb smudges, candles that are topped with crystals, hand soaps, terrarium kits, and crystal jewelry. With many more ideas and creations in the works!! My small business is growing by the day, and I have a lot more to share with you all!!

Be sure to check out our Instagram page for product updates, post and live sales. You can follow us on Facebook, and shop our Etsy page!!

Be sure to keep in touch!!

❥ Tara