It's no secret that fluorite is a vibrant, eye-catching crystal. Unlike some crystals, you can find this stunning formation in every color of the rainbow. In fact, rainbow fluorite literally showcases the entire color spectrum! You don't even have to choose your favorite hue!  

But if you find yourself more drawn to fluorite than usual, there may be spiritual factors at play. Fluorite often appeals to those with a troubled mind or distracted thoughts. It functions as a cleansing crystal, helping to sort your emotions and your priorities.

Varieties of Fluorite: So Much to See! 

Fluorite is famous for having among the most vibrant colors in the mineral kingdom. The hues can be intense enough to seem like they pulse with their own hidden life. And this mineral can also be found in many different crystal formations, meaning that you're almost certain to find a piece that suits your aesthetic.  

The most common crystal formations are cubic and octahedral. Some growths have a stunning combination of different crystal shapes, combining together to create a one-of-a-kind showpiece! You'll also occasionally find dodecahedral fluorite, although this is rarer.  

When you're looking for specific shapes, you'll still find a ton of options. Just a few examples include: 

  • Fluorite spheres, which have been perfectly rounded and smoothed
  • Fluorite towers, which are long cuts of beauty
  • Square shapes, which are most commonly used in rings
  • Cushion shapes, which are often seen in more complex jewelry pieces
  • Animal Shapes and so many more

A piece of fluorite jewelry is a truly special thing. Jewelers have to work hard to get the right cut, since it's easy to fracture accidentally.

The Many Global Birthplaces of Fluorite

Fluorite can be found all over the world. The mineral comes from:  

  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • England
  • Norway
  • China
  • Australia

Fluorite's Powerful Metaphysical Properties

Like many crystals, fluorite boasts unique metaphysical properties. Raw fluorite, rainbow fluorite, and other forms of the crystal are all popular in spiritual practices all over the world. It's also common for fluorite to be used in conjunction with other crystals while creating a crystal grid or alongside your current collection, as the different benefits can enhance each other.  

This is just a quick overview of the highlights:  

  • The structure absorbs negative energy and helps to neutralize stressful environments, bringing peace to a room.
  • Cognitive abilities like concentration and decision-making are improved.
  • The crystal increases self-confidence and promotes positivity in your work.
  • Physical coordination and balance are improved on top of the mental benefits.

Energy Balancing Properties 

Fluorite is a stone that's used to stabilize and protect. Because of this, it helps to bring harmony to an unsettled environment, as well as to open the door for spiritual grounding.  

People who work with auras find fluorite invaluable for its cleansing. When an aura attracts negative energies, fluorite can be used to absorb the negativity and purify the energy.  

Fluorite does need frequent clearing, since it absorbs the negative energies surrounding it. Some practitioners have found that the mineral is a protective shield against mental manipulation. If you want to be sure that your mind is your own, fluorite is a good place to start.

Mental Properties 

Fluorite has significant effects on the mind as well.  

It allows for mental stability and clarity, even in the most cluttered of thoughts. It also helps you to avoid distractions, process information faster, and organize your ideas more easily.  

Fluorite makes it easier to make intuitive connections, whether those are in your mind or your spirit.

Final Thoughts 

This grounding stone is a powerful tool for balancing your environment and organizing your thoughts. And it also happens to be gorgeous!   My absolute favorite by far!