Amethyst is among the most popular crystals in the world. The distinctive color of purple makes it favored by rock collectors and home decorators alike, and the stone also has powerful metaphysical properties.  

You can use amethyst for meditation purposes or introduce amethyst for yoga. Natural amethyst helps to clear the mind, calm the heart, and enhance your intuitive senses. It's also a gorgeous addition to any room.  

Some people prefer to place a large amethyst cluster in the room where they do most of their meditation. Others prefer to use a smaller amethyst cut so they can carry the stone with them. Raw amethyst is just as powerful and portable as amethyst jewelry. 

What Amethyst Looks Like

Amethyst is best known for its distinctive purple shade. But did you know that the crystal can have variations in color? While the core color tends to be a light purple, you might also see hues including:  

  • Pale red shades
  • Pale pink
  • Deep, saturated purple
  • Gray (rarely)

Amethyst tends to be most intensely colored at the crystal tips. The coloration is often uneven, which just adds to the natural beauty.  

Raw amethyst clusters come in a variety of forms. Some large geodes have hundreds of crystals on the inside, while the outside is smooth stone. Raw amethyst crystals tend to be clustered together, with bunches of crystals that taper to points.  

You can also find amethyst towers, which are crystals that have been smoothly polished into a more refined shape. These make a great addition to a healing crystal collection. 

Where Amethyst Is Found

Amethyst deposits are found most in Brazil, and other parts of South America such as Uruguayan.  

Some other countries where amethyst is mined include:  

  • Russia
  • India
  • Zambia
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • The United States

Amethyst is even the state gem in South Carolina. It’s also the birth stone for the month of February!

Amethyst Throughout History

Some ways that cultures have historically used amethyst include:  

  • Ancient Egyptians carved and engraved amethyst gemstones.
  • Ancient Greeks thought amethyst prevented intoxication, so they wore the stone and carved alcohol glasses from it.
  • Medieval European societies used the crystals for healing protection in battle.

The name "amethyst" actually derives from the Ancient Greek phrase for "not intoxicate."

Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst Calming Effects

Amethyst has very tranquil effects on the spirit, body, and mind. Even if you're stressed about things in your life, the presence of this crystal can help you feel more balanced.  

The energies in the stone help to purify your own individual energy, removing negative influences and painful thoughts. This makes amethyst an excellent tool if:  

  • You need to clear your head so you can solve a problem.
  • You're anxious about something you can't control, and you want to relax.
  • You're getting stuck in spirals of negative thinking.

To use amethyst as a calming stone:  

  • Incorporate it into daily meditations.
  • Carry it to enhance your aura.
  • Place it in both relaxation and work areas.

Intuitive Effects 

Amethyst is a very spiritual stone, and you can use it in your practice to increase your intuition. Ultimately, amethyst allows you to become more aware of yourself.  

By connecting with your inner voice, you develop the ability to let your intuition guide you. Some people feel subtle changes, while others experience much more dramatic alterations.  

Tapping into your intuition is vital because:  

  • You become more aware of what you want and what you're feeling.
  • You develop sharper instincts regarding those around you.
  • You have an inner self guiding your actions, rather than just floating along.

Some of the best ways to use amethyst to boost your intuition are:  

  • Carry the crystal on your person and place it in your personal space.
  • Hold the stone to your third eye when your intuition needs activating.
  • Practice using the stone once a day.

Final Thoughts

It's hard to describe the beauty and power of the amethyst. This gorgeous stone can help balance the energy of a room, calm your mind, and clear your head.  

Many people decorate their homes with amethyst crystals to aid in meditation and yoga, or simply for a decorative element. You can also carry small raw crystals with you to sharpen your intuition throughout the day.